“When you're done with the Camino, leave first, if possible”. That should be the new Camino rule. The goodbyes and waiting for your flight shatters your heart to pieces. Silence. But different kind of silence. You're around crowds, but the feeling of loneliness does not leave you, not a moment. Time. Time will put everything in it's place. 


Loved ones, close one, and strangers! After my first blog post you surprised me with all the love and support. I had not expected it at all! Your messages, your wishes and you being there hiking with me gave me a lot of strength. Especially in the beginning when I needed the courage, the trust in myself and a little bit of luck, to make everything go smoothly. I bow down to you - every single one of you who lived vicariously through me. I thank you all. Receiving messages from all of you who dream of Camino, from all of you who are living their Camino the second time, from all of you who are just starting the Camino, from all of you who are just there to be with me, that really moved me. These were one of the most emotional moments in my trip. Every time it came around I thought of home. 

I feel loved and now I know for sure - I am loved! 

And if I inspired you to a braver choice or just inspired you to go out and enjoy, then I've done something more important than the Camino. 

I am sending you lots of love back. Let's spread it!

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Mom and dad! You're my biggest support. Without you I wouldn't be here, literally. Thank you for choosing me. There is no one better for me on this world than you!

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Camino! Camino taught me peace, courage, patience, politeness, sharing, joy. Camino taught me culture, traditions and history. But most importantly - being grateful. Grateful for every little breeze of wind, for a shadow, for the sun, for the stars, for animals to make conversations with, for a clean towel, for a pool, for a hot shower, for a cold shower, for a big cup of tea, for the people that I met and the support and so many more. The list is endless.

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I found what I was looking for. Peace. I saw the world. I fell in love. I found myself. I fell in love with myself. I was free. I was happy. And I definitely was grateful, which made me even more happy.

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If you're wondering whether to do Camino - yes, do it! 

Because the Camino is magical. I saw my first sign on already on my way to Paris - isn't that magical?

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And definitely do the full version of it. Because after two weeks the legs and the rest of the body gets used to it and that's when the real joy of Camino begins. And don't worry - step by step, you'll reach your finish line.

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-Agnes, Have you been to Spain? 

-Oh, you can't even imagine! Where do I start.. 



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Endlessly grateful!

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