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This trip was already different, since we were preparing for it by doing an extensive research online. Our first wish was doing some part of Jordan Trail and to do it closer to the desert, but after reading multiple blogs and reviews we realized there is no access to water and that we are not ready to carry extra 12 kilograms of water on our shoulders. So as an alternative, we chose to spend more days in the desert than an average tourist would. 

Someone recently asked me if each of the trips I take now are better than the last one I have been on. You can't really compare them. You can't compare my month long Camino de Santiago journey with my trip to Morocco, UAE or Jordan. If we cross the Santiago trip out of my travel list and call it my spiritual awakening, then yes, I can say that each of the trips I've taken since, have been better, deeper, more challenging, harder and more adventure filled. 

Jordan to me is its people. And Jordan inspired me to be better, to help out more, to smile more, to give more, even if they are not asking. To be. To help. To listen. 

Read the posts below to learn how Jordan surprised and spoiled us for two weeks straight! 




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