Day 10 // Agès – Burgos // 23.50 km

We leave at 6 Am today and the weather feels cool, there is light rain. Or maybe it's just misty fog. I even need a sweater today. 

We reach the first village and it is time for breakfast. I came to a realization that my eating habits are so different from the Italians. They don't understand how can I eat a slice of bread with a tomato on it, because they think that eating tomato without oil is impossible. They wipe every plate with bread, although it is not very polite to do it in a restaurant. Doesn't matter if there's a bit of olive oil or a bit of soup left in the bowl - it all gets wiped up with the bread and eaten. That's what I don't get. This morning Alejandro was shocked about the fact that I ate a tuna sandwich this morning. It is not a morning food apparently! I laughed - if I don't eat it is bad - If I eat it is bad also! 

We enjoy the last mountain views, because starting tomorrow there's only going to be Meseta - plateau. And this boring 'desert-like' views is going to go on up until Leona, which is 179 kilometers or 5-6 days, depends on the speed.

img 4781 3

img 4782 2

You can see Burgos in the horizon, but we had just started walking.

You can see lavender pretty often here.

img 4785 2

Finally I plucked one. As I am walking I am enjoying the scent.

img 4787 2

The scent brings me to the thoughts about a bath, a fresh load of laundry, slow Sunday mornings, the smell of the pillow when the partner has already left but you still want to feel his presence, by smelling the pillow. 

There are 5 kilometers left until Burgos and I decide to take a break, because I am in no rush today! The hotel is waiting for me and I am not sure they would let me in the room earlier than expected. I say goodbye to the Italians until later tonight, because we'll do dinner together. 

As I approach the city, you can hear the city sounds. I haven't heard that in a while.

img 4793 2

img 4792 2

I am walking through a park near the city, there are a lot of people. Playgrounds for kids, everyone is in a rush, riding their bikes, going on walks. Volleyball field. The coach is saying something to the team, he lights up a cigarette. At least the girls have nice butts. And people smell nice here, I am walking behind a lady that has a nice perfume. 

I am in the city. I am looking for the hotel. Google maps is sending me the wrong direction. I understand which way is the city center and where I should go, but the internet tells me that I've passed the hotel 100 meters ago. I'm not sure, that's why I'm walking slowly, with my eyes in the phone and in the book. Within the span of 3 minutes, 3 men told me that as a pilgrim I am walking the wrong way. I'm smiling and telling them that I know that. The last man spoke a bit of English and showed me how to get to the hotel. Yes, I did have to continue going in the direction of the cathedral. Shame on you, Google Maps! On my way there I did go into a different hotel where they gave me a map and showed me the way to go. Finally! Finally I am here! 

I passed out as I got to my room, left with no strength at all. I only took off my shoes and socks. By the way - it is the best feeling - freeing my feet! Every day, multiple times a day.  

My heart gets warmer when I speak to my loved ones at home. 

I was dreaming about lavender bath today. And I have a bath in my hotel room! After I got up a couple hours later, I used this opportunity. Feels so good. Feels so good when you have two huge towels. And when you get another towel only for you hair. Now I smell nice too!

img 4796 2

After getting my stamp in the passport in the cathedral, I am waiting for the Italian family. The cathedral is huge! I could not even fit it in a photo.

img 4798 2

img 4799 2

I am watching people. I can see the ordinary tourists here - the beautiful, nice smelling ones and then there's.. well, then there's people like me - pilgrims. You can tell them apart from far away. One has sandy sandals, another is limping, another has a funny tan line from the socks. I have never seen a sock tan line this perfect! 

We go get dinner. Since I chose a nap instead of getting lunch, I am super hungry in the result of that! I order a couple of tapas and a kids burger, because I felt like it called my name. And they brought me a cathedral on a plate! So sweet!

img 4802 2

img 4805 2

After dinner, I went on a little walk around the town. The main street is full of people, you can't even really get through them. But this is nice for a change. Because maybe in a couple days when I'm in the desert I will miss this. I got lost, of course. I thought I was on a parallel street. As I'm trying to figure out the map a lady that knows a couple words in English helps me out. We communicated in English, Spanish and sign language. Ok, gotcha. I walk and I walk out right in front of my hotel. I have no idea how it happened and how I got here, because I thought I was at a completely different spot. At least I bumped into these fun characters.

img 4809 2

The earth is round and Burgos must be too. 

And now I have to go to sleep. I have to try to recover my body, although I am not really succeeding at it right now. 

Yes and sometimes it goes like this.  

IMG 4788


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