Day 11 // Burgos – Hontanas // 32.2 km

Waking up in a hotel feels completely different. No rush. Of course, I did not pack my bag yesterday, so I have to get up a bit earlier today to do it. I am up at 6 AM, because there's breakfast at 7 AM. 

The bag really does feel like my home. I can't find a lot of things and sometimes, like today, I found the cookies Kristof gave me on day 3, without searching for them. 

I stole a lot of food for the road at the breakfast and I leave at 7:20. At first I thought I could get out of the city on my own with the map, but after a while I decide to go back to the cathedral and look for signs. There are no signs. I understand I have to get to San Martin arch and then there will be some signs. I used my basic Spanish knowledge and asked a yard keeper for helped, he showed me the way. I did ask another man where to go, this time in English, because I thought he would understand, and he did. Finally, finally I see the first sign.

img 4811 2

And they have them throughout the city. I've trained my eye now for these signs the same way I've trained my eye for cop cars back home! And these ones are easy to spot too.

img 4812 2

img 4813 2

img 4815 2

I saw other pilgrims at the traffic light. They were walking proudly. They confidently walk straight after the first sign. I don't feel so confident about it, I stopped and checked, and, of course, they were going the wrong way. I shouted for them and told them. I felt like a boss. It is good to see at least two signs ahead, then you know you're going in the right direction. 

After a while a Chinese man passes me. He is small and his bag is even smaller. How does he fit everything in there? I though that he has miniature clothes, mini spoon and a mini towel.

img 4816 2

I am walking in a turbo mode today. And I reached Meseta - the plateau. oh, WOW! Who said this was going to be boring? Everyone! It's so beautiful out here! The spaciousness! The colors! The contrast between blue and yellow! WOW! The world is huge. People, go outside AND ENJOY! Don't sit in a box that's getting smaller every day!

img 4822 3

img 4843 3

IMG 4840

I'm walking, spreading my arms and enjoying. I am only a small dot in this big world.

IMG 4850

The day is going really well and 6 kilometers before the final destination of the day I catch up with the Italians. They left at 5.30 AM and 6 AM, but I left the city at 8 AM. I'm proud of myself. That means I'm feeling good and nothing hurts. It does hurt, sometimes on every step, but the nature today was outstanding. The weather - perfect! Cool in the morning and windy later, with clouds and the sun trying go get through them. 

From the top of the mountain I can see pilgrims far away and they look like ants going about their day.

IMG 4833

We reach the auberge at 2pm. I love naps. 

But the Italians with their eating habits. It seems as if it's their most important thing in life. When we got to the auberge, they didn't even put their stuff down and went straight to eat. And now they're attacking me with food! And I know - it is all for love. I feel like little sister. But I'm not hungry. I ate a rich lunch after shower and am done for the day for sure. 

IMG 4854

I spoke to Stefan from Germany who has done 21 000 kilometers already in his life and this turns out to be his 5th Camino! He told me, that 10 kilometers ahead there is an auberge, which has a curtain instead of a wall and it is at the top of the mountain. How fantastic would it be to see the whole Meseta. Wow! Maybe next time! 

Today was truly a great day, but at one point I thought to myself - is it going to get easier some day? I mean, in terms of not feeling pain all over my body. Probably not :) 

Have a beautiful day!

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