Day 15 // Bercianos del Real Camino – Puente Villarente // 32.8 km

It’s going to be a hot day, so we wake up at 5 AM, but it’s hard to get up, I am still super sleepy. The body is starting to get tired. We had breakfast at the auberge. Finally. FINALLY there is an appropriate size cup for my tea. Bigger than my head!

img 4980 2

I will never get tired of the beautiful mornings and colors that mother nature paints for me.

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We’re hiking to the first town of the day and already 2 kilometers before we reach it we hear the music. At first we didn’t understand where it is coming from, but as we approached it, we were sure there was something happening in the town, because the music was super loud. We drop our bags and run to see what it is. Yes, we’re still able to run. Wow! There’s a party at 8 am! And a couple of survivors left still partying.

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Beautiful things in the city get my attention. Love is all around us. 

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I guess the Spanish people really believe in the power of Camino de Santiago, because you can spot the shells even on the houses. And the owner of the auberge we stayed at yesterday has done the Camino 4 times and is going to do it again.

IMG 4993

And they play hopscotch.

img 4994 2

As we continue hiking, I notice a very familiar word in the tunnel. Hello to whoever left this here!

img 5030 2

This is the last tough day I get to spend with the Italians, because tomorrow is going to be easy since we only have to do 13 kilometers until Leona. We’ll rest there and say our goodbyes. They’ll be done with their Camino for now. They’ll do the rest of it another year. So we tried to enjoy this day to the fullest!

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Thinking about home as well.

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As we reached the city where we had lunch, I decided I want to go into the church, but as I got to the door I saw that there is a mass in process. Alright, I won’t get the stamp. When we were eating our lunch we saw that the mass must’ve ended, because everyone is walking towards the bar. A lazy Sunday for the locals! 

Before parting our ways, we have to take our last photo together.

img 5032 2

Towards the end of today’s hike, it gets super hot. The last three kilometers were like walking on hot coal. My legs are burning. And accidentally I came up with a rhyme - I can cook eggs on my legs. 

Auberge is spoiling us! We get to use the pool and the water temperature is very refreshing. We enjoyed it so much that we stopped feeling our feet because of the cold. And now we got to buy the hats for 1 eur!

IMG 5040

Tomorrow we’re finally sleeping in until 7 AM, because there is only 13 kilometers we have to walk to Leona. A relaxation day for me! 


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