Day 16 // Puente Villarente – Leon // 12.5 km

Since we didn’t have anywhere to rush this morning and we left the auberge pretty late, I miss out on the beautiful morning views and I get the feeling that something is missing. 

Daniela and I are having a conversation about how people see things - glass half full or half empty. I am a little more than halfway done with my journey. Am I just starting or is it already almost done? I look at it this way - I have so many more beautiful sights to see, but not a lot of kilometers are left. They say that the part of the journey after Leon is even more beautiful. Awesome! I can’t wait! I also have the highest mountain to look forward to. A bit higher than the one I was dealing with on Day 1. I plan to reach it the day after tomorrow. 

Today’s hike isn’t too exciting - it takes us by suburban areas. We see the city and the cathedral towers after 9 kilometers.

img 5063 2

As we walk into the city I see a pharmacy that has those smart weights. I need them! Not the weights, but to weigh myself. Not too bad. I’ve lost about 2 kilograms. I’ve probably lost a lot of fat and added muscle mass. But I’ve gotten shorter by 1 centimeter! Haha, the bag must be dragging me down. 

Today’s city is bigger again, so I can use the luxury of staying in a hotel. Saving money - thank you to my previous job I had. The points I earned are paying back with double satisfaction! Tonight I have a huge bed to myself that I can do gymnastics in.

img 5088 2

Today is the day - #BadHairDay. The last time I brushed my hair was when I was leaving to go on this trip. I had the thought of buying a brush, but I decided not to do it. But today they’re going crazy. No worries, tomorrow is a new day. 

When I got to the hotel I decided to take a nap. I love naps. I wake up hungry. Time to take a little tour around the city and to get some food in my tummy. Of course, at 5 PM you can’t really buy anything yet, because during the day a lot of places are closed and the places that are open only sell pastries and soft drinks. I decided to get an empanada with tuna. I’m sitting right in front of the cathedral and am enjoying its beauty.

IMG 5082

img 5111 2

I’ve gotten smarter and now when I take a walk through the city I already take a look at the yellow arrows for tomorrow, so I don’t waste any time by getting lost. 

As I make my way back to the hotel I see Aaron (firefighter from USA). He told me he had cheated 2 times today: 1) He had a little too much to drink yesterday and that’s why today he took a bus instead of hiking 18 kilometers; 2) He had Burger King. His crew is going to stay in Leona one extra day, because tomorrow they’re having a huge celebration in the city. Ugh, I told him to send photos. But, of course, we have not exchanged phone numbers, haha. 

I met my Italian friends and we stopped at a bar. Some man walks up to us. At first we thought he was the security guard, but turns out he was the waiter. Ok, his body makes us think he’s a bodybuilder or at least a model. And he’s standing there and I find it so funny. I had to take a photo!

img 5119 2

Since the Italians have finished their journey, Daniela wants to buy some make-up. We walked into a drug store and I sprayed myself with perfume. At least one day I can smell nice.

These rocks are like trail where you can walk barefoot to massage the feet. And you can spot some blisters on my feet.

img 5091 2

The dinner was excellent. Not because everything was super tasty, but because it was super cheap. I bought Coca-Cola and they gave me a plate of tapas for free - I paid 2.40 EUR. Considering the fact that at the previous bar I paid 2.50 EUR for just Coca-Cola, I’d say this is a win!

IMG 5123

Last photos with the Italians, kisses, hugs, good-bye’s. They were my family for 13 days. They wish they could come with me, but each of us have our own path.

img 5071 2

My face is as tan as Daniela’s.

img 5131 2

Daniela didn’t get a stamp from Burgos cathedral, so I said she should take a photo of mine. I took to opportunity to be in the shot too.

img 5122 2

Tomorrow I continue my journey but this time like a lonely kid again. Let’s see what tomorrow is going to bring me. 

Adios, Leon!

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