Day 6 // Torres del Rìo – Navarrete // 34.20 km

I wake up at 5 AM without an alarm. I'd love to wake up at this time when I get back home. It is so great to wake up and devote that first hour to your own thoughts and planning your day. No rush. 

I am really forgetful this morning. I can't find the water bottle. I found it. When I pick up my heavy friend (my backpack) and put it on my shoulders, Alejandro asks - where is your watch? Where? Of course it is in my bag. 

Today we left the auberge in a bigger crowd - the Italian family, Alejandro and I. Daniela laughs about my backpack being bigger than my body. Apparently you can only see the legs from behind. 

We enjoy the cool weather and peace that the morning brings us, before the nature wakes. As we hike up the first mountain, we see the sun waking up.

insta 3

The pilgrims in front of us look like little fireflies with their flashlights. 

We see a lot of memorial spaces along the way for the people that ended their journey there. There are a lot of those on the road. 

We are enjoying the mountain views this morning because we know that they're going to be switched to a boring 200 kilometer long path soon. I think that's when the real battle with yourself is going to start. Because right now, although everything hurts and it is though, everything seems so beautiful and exciting. 

Good morning, world! 

insta 4

Along the way we see a hippie man who had slept right there between the pine trees in a hammock. He is enjoying his morning coffee. You can smell the incense burner. I enjoyed it. 

Since most of the path today has been on country road or rocky road, stepping on asphalt feels like stepping on a soft rug. I enjoyed it. 

For a couple days now the forests have changed to grape fields. They said they're not ready yet. I had no strength to test them yesterday, but I do today.

insta 5


insta 6

As we approach the town, the road takes us through multiple tunnels. It is inspiring to read the messages left there. Here are some that caught my eye. I should buy a marker so I can leave a message too somewhere.

insta 7

insta 8

insta 9

I am thinking about you. I hope you are thinking about me too. 

You can see the first big city in the horizon. We still have 3 more kilometers to go though.

insta 10

A very beautiful city.

insta 11

insta 11a

As we enter the city we go to a park where we took a break for 5 hours. We had lunch and continued the journey. Yes! I am finally using the self inflating mattress too. I fall asleep in the park. 

We wake up at 5 PM to take stroll through the city to the cathedral and then we continue the journey. The heat is unbearable. We try to walk as close to the walls of the buildings so get a little bit of shade. 

The nature was spoiling us with its beauty as we were leaving the city.

insta 12

The road took us in zigzag direction and we were also walking in zigzag to catch the shadow where it was possible.

insta 13

This was beautiful!

insta 14

A squirrel is looking for nuts in the forest and bunnies are warming their cute fluffy tails. 

After 7 PM it gets really nice to be in the shadow. A little bit of hike left and we can almost see the town. I managed to devour a bunch of grapes while on my way. 

PS. We bought syringes in the pharmacy to use them for blisters. Apparently it helps out a lot. 

Tomorrow is Saturday. We'll let ourselves to sleep for an hour longer than usual and will walk only about 23 kilometers. 


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